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The Master’s Program for Warriors

The Master’s Program is a non-denominational Christian ministry that was originally designed in 1997 for business and professional leaders, and also now for military leaders. The ministry is led by competent communicators who know how to relate to today’s warriors. 

To provide our faith-based program to active duty and recently retired military (i.e. warriors) in helping them to restore the brokenness in their lives and in so doing help them find their unique Kingdom Calling to carry out over the rest of their lives. 


We started a two-year program for Christian leaders who deeply hunger to find their mission & unique role in the Kingdom of God… a role that nobody else can fill. They progressively do so in each session by first finding balance, margin, and focus in their lives. Groups of participants, both civilian & military, attend each quarterly, day-long session together led by a Leadership Coach. 

Some Meeting Locations

Atlanta, GA

Houston, TX

Sacramento, CA

Dallas Ft-Worth, TX

Minneapolis, MN

San Diego, CA

Denver, CO

Orange County, CA

SF Bay Area, CA

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The Master’s Program for Warriors minister to military men and women who are transitioning into the marketplace and expanding their Kingdom reach following years of service to our country.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,
“Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” 

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” 

Isaiah 6:8

Sponsoring a Warrior Towards
Kingdom Calling

A full sponsorship is $5,400 per year for two years or you may opt to be a co-sponsor for a lesser amount. Your tax-deductible contributions may be made monthly or annually.

Attributes typical of those who enroll The Master’s Program for Warriors

  •  Multiple deployments in Iraq/Afghanistan
  • Recently retired from active duty
  • Have encountered & found healing from PTSD
  • Received multiple Commendations for Valor
  • Dealt with marital and familial issues
  • Seeks to find their unique Kingdom Calling and Inner Peace following their years at war
  • Transitioning from military life to marketplace/civilian life

Scholarships for Warriors

The Master’s Program for Warriors initiative provides scholarships to veterans.

We desire to sponsor 25 more Warriors on average each year for the next three years and increase 25 Warriors each subsequent year. 

Immediate needs

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The Master’s Program for Warriors


Total Number of Warriors in the Program and counting...

Total Number of Men Warriors

Total Number of Women Warriors

Our goal is to have 25 more Warriors (on the wait list) sponsored this year and increase that amount by 25 Warriors each subsequent year.

 We have 10 Warriors in need of immediate sponsorship (wait listed)

10 more Warriors are currently going through the vetting process

Prepares Christian leaders to value and master a Christ-centered lifestyle


Gives leaders a roadmap to find and use their unique abilities to change their world


Helps participants create and execute a plan to produce results of eternal significance



The Master’s Program for Women

The Master’s Program for Warriors offers a program with only women, for those that want a women only experience.  We invite you to prayerfully consider sponsoring one or a multiple Women Warriors. 

What Guys Say

"As a Infantry Marine I always love a good challenge. Some I will seek out on my own and some when they are presented I take them head on. From the first class, I immediately felt challenged... The Master's Program both hits the mark and it completely sets the mark for all others to emulate.”

Staff Sgt, USMC Infantry, TMP Participant

"During this session, I came to some stark realizations that I’ve failed to properly prepare myself to fulfill whatever it is God may have called me (or will call me) to accomplish. Looking at the areas of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit helped me begin to identify very specific areas in which I can begin to strengthen myself to be prepared for the long term. Not just being reactive, but proactive to God’s will."

Staff Sgt, US Army Infantry, TMP Participant

"I left excited to grow over the next couple years with other men on the same path and journey. Thank you so much for the opportunity to progress to be a better man, father and husband for the glory of God. ”

First Sgt, USMC, TMP Participan

The Master’s Program for Warriors

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