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For Christian business and ministry leaders.

The Master's Program is an exceptional opportunity for Christian business and ministry leaders to participate in discovering their unique Kingdom Calling in order to maximize their potential Kingdom significance.

First, TMP is structured similar to an executive graduate program. Marketplace and ministry professionals move deliberately through a process that brings the tools, training, outside resources, peer interaction and real-life examples to help participants get the maximum experience out of a minimal time commitment.

Second, TMP is intentionally holistic in its emphasis and focuses first on the participant's ability to achieve fitness in the personal, family, professional and Kingdom realms of life.

Third, TMP then, among peers, helps each participant maximize his fruitfulness by coaching him toward a life of increased margin, decreased "busyness" and personal entrepreneurship.

Move forward strategically.

Consider to begin the best years of your life by enrolling today. TMP has helped over a thousand business leaders move forward strategically into Kingdom leadership. It's time for you to think beyond the demands of your life today, beyond the criteria of your career. Where can you do that?

Unique God-ordained Kingdom calling.

Finally, TMP mentors each participant through the process of re-examining his God-designed potential, his God-honoring passions and his God-given purpose to discover his unique God-ordained Kingdom calling. Enroll today to start the process or attend an informational briefing.

12 quarterly sessions over a three year period.

The frequency of TMP sessions are one per each quarter of the year. Through a series of 12 quarterly sessions over a three year period, active participants of The Master's Program receive mentoring and preparation to change their world and to build God's Kingdom.

The content of The Master's Program speaks to business men and ministry leaders because it understands what they face in the business world day in and day out. Class sessions often employ the use of contemporary video clips to bring out biblical principles in a fresh new manner. TMP's uncanny ability to affectively communicate spiritual truths through word pictures, charts, and media help to drive home powerful learning points that traditionally are often lost on business professionals in search of clarity and purpose.

TMP gives you a roadmap to find your unique ability.

Join TMP to regain time.

When Balance is absent in other areas of our life besides the marketplace, our most precious resource, time, is held captive to the urgent. Too often the price of leadership in the marketplace has created a loss of personal margin, that is, a bankruptcy of time, resources, and creative energy available for Kindgom leadership. Join TMP to learn how to regain time by attending an Introductory Briefing.

Downloadable Summary.

If you would like to read a PDF summary of The Master's Program, click here.