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Leadership Mentoring and Coaching

Selected Ministry Coaches and Leaders.

Consider to begin the best years of your life by enrolling today. TMP has helped over a thousand business leaders move forward strategically with success into Kingdom leadership.

  •   Increase leverage by exercising the 80/20 Principle
  • •     Identify God's Kingdom purpose & personal role in it
  • •     Explore how God wired each heart like His own
  • •     Experience freedom to dream God-sized dreams
  • •     Determine financial theology: earthly and eternal
  • •     Optimize eternal return on Kingdom investments
  • •     Realize personal Kingdom calling
  • •     Design a Kingdom ministry as an entrepreneurial Kingdom leader

As one TMP participant reported, "The Master's Program has opened my eyes and my heart to what GOD had intended for me on earth. I now see things completely different than I did before and I see the beauty of the Lord in many more places."

What is stopping you from enrolling in TMP, and learning to see more things with a God honoring vision?

Nationwide Cities.

The Master's Program (TMP) founded by Bob Shank, has sessions occurring nationwide. Each area has a dedicated Leadership Mentor and Coach leading the program. For more information about TMP Coaches,