DreamMaster Weekends

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A discovery experience that encourages Christian couples to dream about their future, recall forgotten dreams, and dust off dreams that were set aside for a time.

DreamMaster Weekend Introduction Video

DreamMaster Weekends provides couples a framework with well-designed tools in a distraction free, non-intimidating venue in order to help them discover each other's Kingdom-related dreams and then plan with viable action steps for bringing those dreams to fruition.

Most couples and individuals get trapped in the daily grind of just 'doing' - and they labor in vain. If one 'fails to plan, then they are planning to fail.' No dreams are too big for God.

Rick Nichols

Amazing sense of honesty and focus on prioritizing our dreams as a couple. How to increase our engagement of God in our lives.

Jeff Fox

There is power in sharing experience with couples who are spiritually mature, but struggling in the same areas... This weekend represents a new stage in our married lives.

  John Hodel