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Visit Us at an Introductory Briefing

Why attend an Introductory Briefing?

Periodically, The Master's Program holds Introductory Briefings hosted by a Leadership Mentor and attended by those interested in developing a better understaanding of the Program. These meal-time briefings are often attended by current participants with their friends as well as those interested in learning more about The Master's Program. The Introductory Briefing is informational in nature. There is no cost to attend. These briefings are an excellent way to maximize your understanding in a short period of time during which one meets TMP staff, developing a better understanding of the opportunity, and learning the value of The Master's Program, all at one time. Often there is an opportunity to hear the value of the Program from graduates.

Learn about Life Mastery at an upcoming briefing which will be held by a TMP Coach. Upcoming Briefings will be online or in the following cities:

The briefing meets on Zoom on May 24, 2021 at 6:00am, 9:00am, or noon PST.