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Benefits of The Master's Program

Led by one of our leadership coaches
Our leadership coaches will help you learn to leverage yourself for Kingdom work.
Rub shoulders with area Christian leaders
Come together with area Christian leaders for each of the twelve sessions.
The Master's Program for Women
The Master's Program for Women is led by women TMP Coaches for women.
Advancing the mission
Learn the benefit of living an irresistible lifestyle accompanied by influential works of service.
A Program with a biblical worldview
Take the next step to creating greater significant value for Christ Jesus (the Master).
12 Session Executive Schedule
The Master's Program convenes once a quarter for three years in a distraction free setting.
Move from success to significance
Consider a life of reduced distractions, increased margin, and personal entrepreneurship.
Find holistic freedom in God's purpose
Achieve fitness in the personal, family, professional and Kingdom realms of life.