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As a Infantry Marine I always love a good challenge. Some I will seek out on my own and some when they are presented I take them head on. From the first class, I immediately felt challenged... The Master's Program both hits the mark and it completely sets the mark for all others to emulate. ”
Staff Sgt, USMC Infantry, TMP Participant
During this session, I came to some stark realizations that I’ve failed to properly prepare myself to fulfill whatever it is God may have called me (or will call me) to accomplish. Looking at the areas of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit helped me begin to identify very specific areas in which I can begin to strengthen myself to be prepared for the long term. Not just being reactive, but proactive to God’s will. ”
Staff Sgt, US Army Infantry, TMP Participant
I left excited to grow over the next couple years with other men on the same path and journey. Thank you so much for the opportunity to progress to be a better man, father and husband for the glory of God. ”
First Sgt, USMC, TMP Participant

Adopt a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airman

Adopt We recently celebrated Independence Day, so now is an appropriate time to ask you to prayerfully consider sponsoring, or co-sponsoring, a soldier, sailor, marine, or airman to participate in The Master's Program. Funded by our graduates and participants...this is a wonderfully patriotic way to say thank you to those believers who have inspired us with their response and have put their lives at risk to preserve our freedom.

The typical profile of the soldier being sponsored is: a Christian who prefers attending the live sessions of TMP where they sense a feeling of belonging in a community of believers; a recently retired combat veteran with multiple deployments in Iraq/Afghanistan; awarded Medals of Valor, Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts; one with a leg amputation; most have suffered from PTSD; located across the country; and being served there through live sessions of TMP.

A full sponsorship is $3,650 a year for three years or you may opt to be a co-sponsor for a lesser amount. Payments may be monthly, quarterly or annually.

Please contact Phil Brown with any questions at 714-315-3042. And please use the button below to Donate and Adopt Now!