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The Master's Program: 20 Year Ministry Montage


The Master's Program
Champion: Bob Shank

The Legacy Edition of The Master’s Program continues to offer a coaching experience and mentoring relationship with TMP’s founder. For 20 years, Christian leaders are included in working cohorts – typically 12-30 participants – who move together through the three-year Legacy version of TMP, meeting for a full day each quarter. From the beginning, Bob has launched and led groups from Newport Beach to New York City, and has personally mentored thousands of leaders through their discovery of their Kingdom Calling. His leadership of the Legacy Edition groups – in Southern California, and in new locales across the country – will continue as we move into TMP’s third decade.

The Master’s Program: Coaches Edition
Champion: Brian Dowd
Patterned after the Legacy Edition of TMP, Brian replicated his experience with Bob beginning in 2007 as he recruited and led successive cohorts of leaders through the TMP process. Today, he continues his active leadership with TMP groups while recruiting, vetting, training and overseeing gifted TMP graduates – men and women – as they become part of the TMP Coach team.
The Master’s Program for Women
Champion: Sandy Olsson
While the first TMP cohort for men was underway in Southern California, the request to make The Master’s Program available to women was made, and affirmed. Today, Sandy leads a growing cadre of women who are now coaching TMP groups across America, and in international settings as well.
Master’s OnLine
Champion: Noah Elias
The next generation of adults are a significant emphasis for TMP, today and into the future. In partnership with the Kay Family Foundation, TMP’s messaging has been captured in video formats delivered in weekly installments, suited for mobile devices. An additional on-line community element allows participants to build relationships with one another with no restrictions based on time, distance or national boundaries.
The Master’s Program: Church Edition
Champion: John Gross
After completing TMP, John pursued his vision of TMP serving individual churches. His early effort brought the Legacy model into the local church environment. His new effort is repurposing video resources originally created for Master’s OnLine and combining them with newly developed presenter tools to enable a unique collaborative relationship with local churches in cultivating Kingdom leadership in their community. This new initiative will launch in the 1st Quarter of 2017.
The Master’s Program: Veterans’ Initiative
Champion: Phil Brown
The volunteer members of our military community – serving since the world changed on 9/11 – are an amazing category of leaders with much to offer their country and the Kingdom as they complete their active duty and transition into their future. Graduates of TMP are helping by providing scholarships for qualifying veterans who are coming into TMP cohorts alongside their marketplace and ministry peers. Through Master’s, they are making new discoveries about their unique Kingdom Calling.
Becky and Pat
The Barnabas Group, National
Champions: Becky Turner & Pat Brady
Launched by Master’s graduates in Southern California in 2000, Barnabas has become the point of connection for Christian leaders from both marketplace and ministry backgrounds. More than a dozen local chapters have served over 2000 ministries by matching ministry needs with leaders’ time, talents and networks. Becky serves as the National Managing Partner; Pat is the Chair of the National Board.
The Master’s Program Canada
Champion: Chris Hornibrook
After graduating from TMP in 2006 – commuting from Quebec to Atlanta to participate in his quarterly sessions – Chris decided to resign his role as Vice President in his family’s large specialty insurance business and to instead pursue his Calling: he founded The Master’s Program Canada. In the last decade, he has positioned TMP across Canada – from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coasts – and established collaborative partnerships with other evangelical ministries and churches across his country.
The Master’s Program Latin America: El Plan del Maestro
Champion: David Waters
Born to American missionaries in Spain – and serving as senior pastor of a church in Washington, DC – Dave graduated from TMP in Charlotte, and immediately forged a vision to supervise the Spanish translation of TMP’s curriculum and methodology for Hispanic cultures. Today, TMP is reformatted to serve the 457 million people whose heart language is Spanish. Dave is now leading El Plan del Maestro’s launch in multiple countries in Central and South America.
The Master’s Program India
Champion: Ray Kuntz
While continuing to provide executive leadership to his tech consulting company in Minnesota, Ray has found his Kingdom Calling in providing strategic leadership assistance to frontier mission efforts in Central Asia, where he now serves as Area Director for East-West Ministries in a six- country region with 1.6 billion people. He has added a new strategic component to their ministry outreach: The Master’s Program, serving Christian leaders in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi, with these beta efforts led by Ray. Indian leaders have, for the most part, attended college and grad school in western institutions, taught in English: there are no language or cultural barriers to impact for TMP in India.

The Master's Program: Incubator Ministries


The Master's Program
Incubator Ministries

The graduates of The Master’s Program include Kingdom Entrepreneurs who are likely to conceive and launch new ministries as they pursue their Kingdom Calling. We are able to offer both short-term incubation – or, longer term collaboration – to these new entities, under our 501-c-3 non profit umbrella. At any given time, we may have 12-15 efforts engaged under our governance. Some current examples include some ministries cited below.

Between Two Trees
Champions: Curt & Rhonda Hamner
The Hamners are gifted relationship coaches, and focus their attention toward strengthening marriages for Christian leaders. Their ministry footprint is across America and beyond; a key part of their portfolio is facilitating DreamMaster Retreats for TMP groups, from coast-to-coast.
Champion: Ronald Cram
Most college students – on non-Christian public or private campuses – have heard that the Christian faith does not hold up under serious intellectual scrutiny. Ron has developed, tested and now presented to college ministries a new approach to apologetic methods and materials that are challenging students to rethink their openness to the Scriptures and the Christian Gospel.
Christian Rite of Passage (CROP)
Champion: Mark Martinez
The Jewish community intentionally transitions young men and women into adult community through their cultural bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah rituals. Mark has developed a thoughtful curriculum of conversations designed for fathers to engage the practical applications of faith to life for their adolescent sons and daughters to consider and adopt the crucial facets of faith, for life.
The Wild Adventure
Champion: Jan Janura
Carol Anderson and Jan Janura have seen their Kingdom Calling lead to a niche ministry for leaders – both men and women – whose heart for the Kingdom has been compromised. Through a unique experience offered in the Montana mountain setting they now call home, they use a small, interactive group format to unleash passion for life and for the Kingdom that becomes a leadership game-changer.

Graduates Leading Outside the Master’s Montage


Graduates Leading Outside The Master’s Program Montage

Most graduates of The Master’s Program find their own unique path to productivity in pursuit of their nowclarified Kingdom Calling. Each has their own powerful story of significance; below are a few examples:

Steve Stroope
Steve Stroope
Founding Pastor of LakePointe Church in Rockwall, Texas, Steve’s church was already mega (6,000) when he graduated from TMP. He cites discoveries gained through his time in Master’s for some of his later Kingdom advances. Today, LakePointe is a multi-campus movement with 15,000 attending their weekend services.
David Wills
As President of the National Christian Foundation, Dave is one of the most effective voices in the stewardship and generosity movement in the American Christian community. Since his time in TMP, he has partnered with TMP grads across America in helping them establish local affiliates of NCF, enabling their enhanced investment of Kingdom resources for eternal results.
Steve Stenstrom
Record-setting quarterback at Stanford and a six-year NFL career prepared Steve for an even greater future. Three years in Master’s helped to ready him for a new starting position as President of Pro Athletes Outreach, helping pro athletes and their wives to grow as disciples of Jesus and positively impact their spheres of influence.
Greg Leith
Already an active Christian leader when he joined Master’s, Greg’s journey toward greater impact led him to the role of CEO at Convene. Their mission is to connect, equip Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses, become high-impact leaders and honor God. Greg and Convene are collaborative Kingdom partners with TMP across America
Sharman Dow
A high-impact leader for decades in the insurance community, Sharman has parlayed her platform in the business world to reach women who have disregarded the legendary “glass ceiling” to find their identity in Christ, and their life message for what they truly believe and value. Her entrepreneurial Kingdom initiatives include the Empower Women’s Conference, books and publications, and a powerful voice as a platform communicator.
Ines Franklin
Ines cites three years of self-discovery and Kingdom challenge in TMP as key to her foundation for building her Kingdom Calling future. Today, she has added roles as seminary student at Fuller, ministry founder of Trocia, and staff teaching pastor at Mariner’s Church to her current leadership bio.
Chris and Jeff
Chris Skiff /Jeff Gerhardt
Chris (left) and Jeff (right) are Master’s Grads from San Luis Obispo and Orange County. Their entrepreneurial marketplace careers continue, but they’ve joined forces – together, and with E3 Partners – to launch Engaging Nations, an effort to mobilize the TMP community to target 17 Unengaged Unreached People Groups (UUPGs) for the Gospel.